Vault no. 98

P1020625In contrast to most of the tombs in the Brothers’ Cemetery, we are far from short of information on the occupant of this vault. Sir Peter de Havilland, Bailiff of Guernsey between 1810 and 1821, was buried here on 16 April 1821, two days after his death. The inscription on the vault is quite shallowly engraved and rather difficult to see, but it shows up reasonably well here. It reads as follows: Ici est deposé le Corps / de / Meƒsire PIERRE DE HAVILLAND, Chevalier / Bailli de cette Ile / mort le 14 d’Avril, 1821 / à l’Age de 73 Ans, 5 Mois et 7 Jours.

DSC_0260A few years after his death, Sir Peter’s children had a much grander memorial to their father placed in the Town Church – it’s immediately to the right of the main (north) door as you enter the church. The enlargement of the inscription, below, gives a good summary of his achievements, and for further I detail I recommend Richard Hocart’s biography, ‘Peter de Havilland: Bailiff of Guernsey’, published by La Société Guernesiaise in 1997. One interesting point which goes unmentioned on the memorial in the Town Church, perhaps not surprisingly, is that his second wife, Emilia (née Tupper) was buried in her family vault in the Brothers’ Cemetery, rather than with her husband.




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